Tarot Prompt ~ “Tell Me a Dark Story from Deep Within My Soul.”

There was a girl with seven legs

dark black eyes shaped like eggs

She ruled over spiders, her only companions

They understood her heart, like canyons.

Caught in a web of loneliness and despair,

she called out to them when she was feeling scared.

A gentle soul, a beautiful heart

Pisces was reflected in her chart.

She dreamed by day, she dreamed by night,

to escape the confines of her life.

She saw just how the others played,

while instead of joining she stood at bay.

But one day someone knocked upon her door

she creeped a peak, her eyes filling with adore.

She blushed,

her cheeks aflushed,

and gathered courage

focusing on her wordage.

He smiled kindly, poised refinedly

a friend she made, and with her he stayed.

But one dark melancholy night

he gave her a sudden fright

when he wailed her name

and to his bedside she came.

With wide eyes upon his gut,

crimson sheets, fluid continuing to jut

she pressed her hands firmly against his skin

thinking who could commit such a sin

he grabbed her wrist

eyes filled with mist

and said,

“I have always been dead,

but I’m glad I met you.”

and whispered adieu.






Morning Depression

Me: *wakes up & reach for phone* 


*go back to sleep*

Me: *wakes up & reach for phone* 


Me: … just five more minutes..




*opens eyes & reach for phone* 


Me: Uugh.. *slide face across pillow to edge of bed*




*slides right arm & leg off bed* 




*slides half of body off bed*




*slowly falls to carpet*



Me: … *reach for blanket on bed and pull off* 

Me: *covers self with blanket*

Convos With Myself 1

Me: I want to become a writer.

Mwuah: You’ve said that before.

Me: Yeah but this time is different.

Mwuah: Is that so.

Me: I’m serious this time!


Me: I’m going to do it.

Mwuah: Okay.


Mwuah: …Hey what are you doing?

Me: Just five more minutes..*closes eyes*

Mwuah: You should get up.


Mwuah: Hello?


Mwuah: …are you sleeping?



Me: (-, – )…zzzZZZ

Mwuah: You lazy fxxk.

BL♥Boys Love♥SOTUS The Series


I was on Youtube one day watching random videos when I came upon a video and clicked out of curiosity. It was an OVA for Koisuru Boukun and ever since then I have become obsessed.  I recently started watching BL dramas and came upon the series SOTUS yesterday. OMG ♥o♥ I’m already in love with this show and I’ve only watched a couple of episodes!

SOTUS (stands for Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity and Spirit) is a tradition at this engineering university where the seniors basically haze the freshman class, teaching them to respect their upperclassman no matter what and to do as they say no matter how embarrassing or insulting.  The main character, Kongpop, is an outspoken freshman who gets on the nerves of the seniors’ strict boss Arthit but later gets to be under the mentorship of him.

So far what I like about this series is it has a lot of those BL moments where you’re like “KYAAAAA!” *blush* (´ω`*)ゞ ♥♥ whenever Kongpop speaks to Arthit.

I do have to say, I bet on anything that Kong is the top and Arthit is the uke. o(^◇^)o

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