Morning Depression

Me: *wakes up & reach for phone* 


*go back to sleep*

Me: *wakes up & reach for phone* 


Me: … just five more minutes..




*opens eyes & reach for phone* 


Me: Uugh.. *slide face across pillow to edge of bed*




*slides right arm & leg off bed* 




*slides half of body off bed*




*slowly falls to carpet*



Me: … *reach for blanket on bed and pull off* 

Me: *covers self with blanket*

Convos With Myself 1

Me: I want to become a writer.

Mwuah: You’ve said that before.

Me: Yeah but this time is different.

Mwuah: Is that so.

Me: I’m serious this time!


Me: I’m going to do it.

Mwuah: Okay.


Mwuah: …Hey what are you doing?

Me: Just five more minutes..*closes eyes*

Mwuah: You should get up.


Mwuah: Hello?


Mwuah: …are you sleeping?



Me: (-, – )…zzzZZZ

Mwuah: You lazy fxxk.

In the Depths, You Shall Meet

!!: MATURE ( ̄ω ̄;)

AN: I tell myself tomorrow I’ll do this and I’ll do that, but tomorrow comes and I never do. Days and months and years pass by, and I have nothing to show. So I will just write when I feel and feel when I write, a story in no order a story for no one’s delight. 

She furiously spilled the crystalline seeds in a large circle around her companion and herself. Simultaneously they entered, one from a door to the left and the other from the right. She was almost finished completing the circle to keep them out and in a panic frantically closed it.

They did not seem troubled to get there before she finished the barrier. As they calmly approached she suddenly felt the fear disappear to be replaced with a feeling of complete trust and instinctually slid her foot across the salt to break the circle. He approached her, the one with skin like smooth dark charcoal and bright golden eyes, but before he could reach her, somehow, the other one made him stop and walk the other way to approach the man that was inside the circle with the girl. As he met him he planted a kiss on his lips and the man responded in kind.

She only had a moment to take a good look at the thing in front of her. His skin was bright brick red, his eyes a playful icy blue. He had small horns on his head and although he wasn’t human, he had similar features and was quite gorgeous. As they met he kissed her passionately, so much so that they fell to the ground. As he hovered over her he glided his tongue generously into her mouth and she responded feverishly by meeting her tongue over and over again with his. She noticed he was erect and, unable to resist, wanting him inside of her immediately she spread her legs apart and-

She stopped him. Suddenly coming to her senses she placed a firm hand to his chest, pushing him away, and looked up into his eyes. He smirked devilishly, a playfulness in his eyes, and helped her to stand.

“Nice to meet you.” He grinned.

BL♥Boys Love♥SOTUS The Series


I was on Youtube one day watching random videos when I came upon a video and clicked out of curiosity. It was an OVA for Koisuru Boukun and ever since then I have become obsessed.  I recently started watching BL dramas and came upon the series SOTUS yesterday. OMG ♥o♥ I’m already in love with this show and I’ve only watched a couple of episodes!

SOTUS (stands for Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity and Spirit) is a tradition at this engineering university where the seniors basically haze the freshman class, teaching them to respect their upperclassman no matter what and to do as they say no matter how embarrassing or insulting.  The main character, Kongpop, is an outspoken freshman who gets on the nerves of the seniors’ strict boss Arthit but later gets to be under the mentorship of him.

So far what I like about this series is it has a lot of those BL moments where you’re like “KYAAAAA!” *blush* (´ω`*)ゞ ♥♥ whenever Kongpop speaks to Arthit.

I do have to say, I bet on anything that Kong is the top and Arthit is the uke. o(^◇^)o

Boys Love on Weheartit!

Takuya-kun to Ahna-chan

Takuya Suzumiya is a junior in high school and has suddenly moved to America for unknown reasons. Although wanting to just blend in with the crowd and go about his life he stands out, and meeting Ahna Yu doesn’t help.

Note: I’ve always thought about writing, but I write a few chapters then give up or get lazy. Here’s to motivation! Fighting! I’m not really sure what to call this yet as I’m just writing as I go but I’ll just use that ^ for now. 



*bell rings*

“Everyone take your seats.” The teacher said firmly. Everyone started scattering.  After everyone had taken their seats and settled down Ms. Ocario spoke.

“We have a new student coming from Japan so please welcome him to the class.”

She walked towards the door, looked around the corner and motioned with her hand.

“Come in.”

Everyone’s eyes followed him as he walked in swiftly behind the teacher.

At first glance he was very handsome. He had medium dark brown hair parted to the left. He ran his fingers through it, pushing his hair back. He was 5’10 and although he was wearing a uniform you could tell he had a fit, slim build.

“Go ahead and introduce yourself to the class.” Ms. Ocario smiled.

He didn’t  show any emotion on his face as he looked up.

“My name is Takuya Suzumiya, I just moved here from Japan.” He glanced at the teacher.

Taking a hint she spoke. “Ah, are you joining any clubs?”

“Mm, maybe.” he gave a small nod, “I played soccer back home.”

“Oh?! Then you should definitely join the team here. Ms. Ocario smiled cheerfully which made Takuya feel a little more at ease.

“Okay…how about you sit in the back row there.” She pointed to the last seat by the window.

He glided past each filled seat till he reached the last row. He propped his chin up on his hand and looked out the window impassively.

“If you could all take out your books. Takuya, did you bring Romeo and Juliet?”

“Hai!” He answered abruptly.

The students began to laugh at his response to the teacher. Takuya, who was in a trance looking at the scenery outside was suddenly brought back to reality, feeling heat fill his cheeks.

“I mean yes I brought it.” He said quickly.

“Okay this is the first in class assignment so you won’t have to catch up. Everyone read the first act and answer the questions.”

Ms. Ocasio started passing out papers to each row and everyone quickly started working.

Time passed by quickly and first period was almost over.

“The bell will be ringing soon finish up.”

After ten minutes passed by Ms. Ocario spoke again.

“Can someone collect everyone’s papers and bring it up before they leave?”

“I’ll do it!” The girl raised her hand and stood up, her chair creaking against the floor as she pushed her chair back.

She went around the room collecting everyone’s assignment.

“Takuya….kun?” He looked up. A girl with long bright red hair stared back down at him and smiled.

“Is it okay that I call you that?” She placed her hand on the back of her head rather awkwardly.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” The corners of his mouth lifted up slightly.

“Are you finished with the assignment?”

“Mm.” He nods faintly.

She held out her hand and he handed her the paper.

“I’m Ahna by the way.” She smiled lightly as she turned around and headed for the teacher’s desk to hand in the stack of papers she collected. Turning around she heads for the seat next to Takuya’s and sits down.

Oh..she sits next to me..

Takuya glances over at the girl then is reminded of something.

He rustles through his backpack till he finds what he’s looking for.

I didn’t get here early so I don’t know where my next class is…Chemistry..

As if reading his mind Ahna speaks. “What’s your next class?” He looks at her.

“Chemistry.” He hands her his schedule.

Taking it from his hand she scans it.

“You have the next class with me so I can take you there.”


*Bell rings*

Takuya walks next to Ahna down the hallway, uncomfortable by all the stares he’s receiving from the other students, although it doesn’t show on his face.

Ahna suddenly turns around, walking backwards.

“Do you like it here so far? It must be different than Japan.”

“Yeah I’m still getting use to it.”

“Ahna!!” A girl with long dark brown hair wraps her arms around Ahna, hugging her tightly with a big grin on her face. Ahna grins back at her.


“Oh, who’s this?” She looks at Takuya curiously.

“This is Takuya, he’s from Japan.”

“Ooo wow! Japan?! That’s so cool. I’m Ariel.” She sticks her hand out and he takes it.

Ariel turns her head and puts her lips to Ahna’s ear.

“Hmm…He’s totally cute, should I be jealous?” she whispers.

Ariel narrows her eyes at Ahna.

“What are you talking about?”

They stare at each other briefly, neither saying a word.

“I’ll see you next period.” Ariel says.


Ariel pulls her lips to Ahna’s and she kisses her back. As she pulls away Ariel suddenly grabs the back of her head, pulling her in for a more intimate kiss.

Ahna blushes.

“Geez Ariel, are you trying to embarass me?!” She covers her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Haha, you’re cute.” She walks off waving goodbye.

“Let’s go Takuya-kun.”

“Ah, right.”

They got to the classroom and sat down, Ahna sitting on the edge of Takuya’s desk.

“So you have a girlfriend?”

“Yeah.” Ahna looked down and smiled. She raised her eyes to Takuya and met his gaze.

“I don’t mind if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“Ah, really?!” she smiles.

“Do you…I mean are you…” he trails off.

“A lesbian?”

“Mmm.” he nods.

“Yeah I like girls.” she laughs.

He laughs with her at the awkwardness of the situation.

“Everyone already knows here since I grew up with them, so it’s not like it’s a big deal. I never really had to explain it to anyone besides my parents.”

“I see.” Should I tell her…

*Bell rings*

Ahna stands up.



“Call me Ahna-chan.”

“Huh? I can just call you Ahna.”

“Come on, please?” she begs.


Ahna wraps her arm around Takuya’s neck, closing her arm softly.

“Say it.”

“…” Takuya pretends to ignore her.

Ahna closes her arm tighter around Takuya, forcing him to go where she pulls him to.

“You know you don’t look it, but I bet you hate getting your hair messed up.” 

“Ahna..” he starts.

“Hmm? What was that?” Takuya grabs her forearm trying to escape but she only grasps on tighter.

“Haha say it then I’ll let you go!”

Struggling with her he finally gives in.

“Alright alright! Ahna-chan!”

She let’s go and laughs, Takuya joining her.

“You’re really annoying you know that?” Takuya smiles.

“Ah, I know..but you smiled sincerely for once today.”

Takuya looked at Ahna with his usual indifferent face and then looked away.


Ahna smiled. “Speaking Japanese to me, I can just see it now the girls are going to love you.”

Takuya pushes Ahna off his desk.

“Okaay, I’m going.” 

*Bell rings*