In the Depths, You Shall Meet

!!: MATURE ( ̄ω ̄;)

AN: I tell myself tomorrow I’ll do this and I’ll do that, but tomorrow comes and I never do. Days and months and years pass by, and I have nothing to show. So I will just write when I feel and feel when I write, a story in no order a story for no one’s delight. 

She furiously spilled the crystalline seeds in a large circle around her companion and herself. Simultaneously they entered, one from a door to the left and the other from the right. She was almost finished completing the circle to keep them out and in a panic frantically closed it.

They did not seem troubled to get there before she finished the barrier. As they calmly approached she suddenly felt the fear disappear to be replaced with a feeling of complete trust and instinctually slid her foot across the salt to break the circle. He approached her, the one with skin like smooth dark charcoal and bright golden eyes, but before he could reach her, somehow, the other one made him stop and walk the other way to approach the man that was inside the circle with the girl. As he met him he planted a kiss on his lips and the man responded in kind.

She only had a moment to take a good look at the thing in front of her. His skin was bright brick red, his eyes a playful icy blue. He had small horns on his head and although he wasn’t human, he had similar features and was quite gorgeous. As they met he kissed her passionately, so much so that they fell to the ground. As he hovered over her he glided his tongue generously into her mouth and she responded feverishly by meeting her tongue over and over again with his. She noticed he was erect and, unable to resist, wanting him inside of her immediately she spread her legs apart and-

She stopped him. Suddenly coming to her senses she placed a firm hand to his chest, pushing him away, and looked up into his eyes. He smirked devilishly, a playfulness in his eyes, and helped her to stand.

“Nice to meet you.” He grinned.